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An extraordinary decanter from @royalbrackla, 35 Year Old, produced in 2014 👉 This was one of the most challenging designs we have done to date with a spherical handmade decanter nestled in a stunning ornate silver crown, appearing to float on only four points 👑 The Royal Brackla 35YO is an incredibly rare single malt, hand-selected to mark the distillery’s 200th anniversary in 2012 with just 100 decanters being produced and only one available to purchase from Dewars at £16,000 😱

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#GlencairnForty40 💫 This @gordonandmacphail Private Collection was released in 2018 and it was a particularly special project because each brother, Richard Urquhart and Stuart Urquhart, had their own expression of whisky for the launch. This meant the rare and unique bottlings are being sold as a pair with only 97 sets of twin decanters made available worldwide, commanding a UK recommended sales price (RSP) of £30,000!


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This 2014 project involved developing the first decanter set for the famous @drambuie whisky liqueur which resembled the Jacobite Amen Glass in their collection. This was made possible by our skilled designers and engravers who carefully replicated the ornate decoration of the original.

You can learn more about this decanter project in our 40th anniversary highlights!

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For this week’s #GlencairnForty40 we look back at this 50 year old single cask single malt from @glengrantscotch distillery 💫

The whisky was presented in decanters designed and shaped like the potstills at the distillery. The whisky was matured in a single Sherry butt, resting patiently for half a century before being bottled at 54.4% - an impressive ABV for such an old whisky 😮 Only 150 bottles of this malt were released for around £9,500!

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You know what today is! #GlencairnForty40 💫

A limited release of 1953 vintage Glenfarclas was exclusively produced for the @whiskyexchange in 2013 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation 👑 The whisky was matured in a single oak cask in Glenfarclas’s cellars in Ballindalloch for almost 6 full decades before being bottled at its natural strength. This was an exclusive release of only 60 decanters and just one will set you back a cool £12,000 direct from the @WhiskyExchange’s website 😲

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Forty 40

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