The award-winning Scottish crystal company, Glencairn Crystal Studio, has partnered with Taylor’s to produce the beautiful hand-crafted decanters for the launch of a priceless rare Single Harvest Port. Taylor’s 1896 Single Harvest Tawny Port was produced in the magnificent harvest of 1896, one of the finest of the 19th century, from its extensive and valuable reserves of old cask-aged Ports maturing in the company’s cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia.

Taylor, Fladgate & Yeatman is one of the original founding Port houses, established over three centuries ago in 1692.   The firm is best known for its elegant and long-lasting Vintage Ports which are among the world’s most sought after and collectible wines. 

Glencairn Crystal has gained an international reputation over the last four decades as one of the finest crystal decanter and glassware manufacturers. The company’s team of talented craftspeople – some of whom have over 30 years experience in working with crystal – hand crafted and hand cut each lead free crystal decanter and engraved and infilled the lettering in gold, which means that no two decanters are exactly the same.

The elegant seven sided stopper proved to be the most complex and time consuming element of the project given the small size of the decanter. All seven sides of the stopper were intricately engraved and on four of the sides the engravings were also infilled with gold.

Over the years, Taylor’s has released a number of very valuable, limited edition Ports of great age: this is the third project in which Glencairn Crystal has designed and created the luxury hand finished crystal decanters. The first project was the oldest and rare Scion Port from 1855 (released 2010), followed by the Taylor’s 1863 Single Harvest Port (released 2014), one of the last pre-Phylloxera era wines to be offered for sale.

The 1896 Single Harvest Port is the latest of these very rare 19th century releases. The decanter’s design is a continuation from the previous two decanters and has subtly evolved in keeping with the understated nature of the brand. This incarnation was developed with additional decoration especially for this release.

Taylor’s 1896 Single Harvest Tawny decanter is presented in an elegant luxury cherrywood case. Each box also contains a certificate personally signed by Taylor’s Managing Director, Adrian Bridge. 1,700 bottles have been produced which will be available in specialist retailers.

Scott Davidson, New Product Development Director at Glencairn Crystal, who worked across all three releases, commented: “We are very proud to have been part of this series of rare releases with Taylor’s and to have had the opportunity to develop and decorate such special decanters to house these incredibly prestigious wines, especially here in Scotland.”

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