Scotland’s biggest family-run crystal business Glencairn Crystal, has appointed luxury cork maker Parramon Exportap, based in Girona, to supply all of the company’s premium specification corks.

Commenting on the partnership, Glencairn’s Scott Davidson said: “Like Glencairn, Parramon is also a family-run business with growing international reputation for offering the drinks industry a unique service.

“We have worked with Parramon on numerous occasions and I am confident that this unique service will be reflected in our own products. Parramon are the only company in the market prepared to offer Glencairn and its customers the highest quality corks to meet and fulfil the exceptional standards required for our specialist crystal products.”

He added: “Moreover, for all of our decanters, Parramon will supply us with almost any quantity for our clients, individually selected for every order. This unique partnership will definitely promote both of our companies within the spirits market.”

Parramon’s representative in the Scotch Industry and ambassador for Glencairn special products in Europe and America, Jose Santos said: ”Parramon offer a unique product and service within the cork industry. Such is their attention to quality, it has earned them an unrivalled reputation and in many cases sole supplier of corks to the luxury wineries around the world. Their state-of-the-art processing and a rapid, efficient delivery service mean the products retain all of their qualities and they are able to meet their commitments to customers.”

Scott concluded:” We are fortunate that we have found individuals who understand the complexity of our product and how we want to promote our luxury crystal. Because of this understanding and Parramons support we are benefiting from their success on a global scale.

“The cork was generally the lowest cost item in our product components, but to meet the exacting standards of our clients we had to be able to offer something exceptional. We now regularly use individually selected mirror ended fleur grade, with no bleaching to give the most authentic traditional look. Supplying these items is only possible with a very special partner”.