Aged for 20 years at the Karuizawa Distillery, whisky casks were transferred to Chichibu Distillery, Saitama Prefecture, where their custodian was Ichibori-san, the legendary former distiller at Karuizawa. Each of the exquisite sets includes two bottles of the precious Japanese single malt whisky, one from each of two remaining casks (no. 4059 and 6183). The sets comprises five tubes – two containing the precious Noh bottles, two holding empty handmade crystal decanters with gold caps, uniquely decorated with detailed engravings of the original labels, and the last holding two specially created Glencairn cut crystal glasses and a Glencairn water-jug, of exclusive design. The tubes are hand crafted from lunawood in two sections which fasten together with a screw-thread hand cut into the wood and are works of art in their own right. The design pays tribute to Mount Asama, alongside the Olympic Games that took place in Japan in 2021.