Whisky Stocking Fillers

Browse Whisky Stocking fillers from Glencairn Crystal –  those smaller, simpler gifts that bring a smile to your loved one’s face when they empty their stocking on Christmas day.

It is true that good things come in small packages, and here at Glencairn we have the perfect selection of whisky stocking fillers, perfect for that special someone who enjoys spirits. Take a look at the selection of fine quality products we have on offer, and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect present.

Best Whisky & Gin Stocking Fillers for Christmas

Whisky Tumbler – a small and quaint glass that will hold more than a few drams of golden liquor, these small tumblers are less than 10cm in size so can be nestled perfectly into a stocking. What’s more, there are so many designs to choose from etched into the crystal – ideal for gifting!

Gin Mixer – with small dimensions, this gin stocking filler is the best way to show someone you care. It’s small enough for those who like just ice or fruit with their gin, or it can hold equal amounts of gin and a mixer for a midday weekend pick me up. Comes in a variety of charming designs.

Tasting Cap – if you’ve already bought your significant other one of our fine crystal Glencairn glasses as a main present, then this whisky stocking filler is the perfect complementary item. The tasting can aims to trap all of the aromatic vapours to concentrate them, ready for an awesome nosing.

Whisky Pipette – all it takes is a few drops of water to perfectly transform the flavour of a good whisky; however, too much and it can impair the aromas on your palette. With this Glencairn pipette, you can regulate exactly how much water is added with complete precision.

Whisky Keychain – who doesn’t need a new keyring for Christmas? This glass keychain is the perfect way to display a passion for the golden-brown liquor, and it is small enough not to complicate a keychain any more than it needs to be. A small whisky stocking filler sure to please!

Lapel Pin Badge – the perfect accompaniment to a dashing suit or a day out with your friends, this lapel pin badge is made from glass and features a colourful liquor seemingly floating in one of our characteristic Glencairn glasses.

Glass Bracelet – a gorgeous fusion of glass and shiny stainless steel, this glass bracelet is a lovely whiskey stocking filler for those who love nothing more than a few drams of whisky as a nightcap in lieu of a glass of wine.

Cufflinks – supplied in a branded box, these cufflinks are a perfect nod to those who adore a tipple. Wear them for formal occasions such as weddings, parties, or even for work. Sure to complement the outfit of any whisky aficionado.

When preparing for Christmas for friends and family, sometimes something little can go a long way to showing you care. So, pick up some classic stocking fillers today and make their day!