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Glencairn Crystal Studio

A leading manufacturer of bespoke crystal and glass

For over three decades this family business, based in Scotland, has gained an international reputation for fine crystal and glassware. The business has been built on a commitment to personal service and quality workmanship.

A family business

We are a family run business and we believe that a focus on family values delivers a better product and more efficient service. We treat everyone with the respect and warmth that a family would demand.

Making it easy

Our unique knowledge of the crystal glassware industry means we can answer the most challenging of questions and tackle the most complex of tasks with ease allowing our people to focus on making your dealings with us as simple and friendly as possible.

Premium crystal glassware

We are experts in the design and creation of premium crystal glassware and our track record, people and expertise delivers the highest quality products and industry leading innovation.

Quality first

We understand that what we do reflects on your brand, and on your business, and we always deliver the highest quality without compromise.


We offer our customers a bespoke designed, quality, crystal product that will delight the recipient. We work to your timescales and do so in a simple, easy to deal with manner.

Spirits industry experts

Our family have been supplying the whisky industry with creative, premium, quality glassware for over thirty years. We are proud to work with great whisky companies and their brands and our people and knowledge of the industry is the cornerstone in satisfying customers requirements.


We are the world experts in the packaging for super premium spirits. Glencairn deliver superior packaging that helps drive the maximum brand value in a simple and easy to deal with manner.


Nothing like a dram and a fire to warm you up inside and out 🪵 🥃

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With you May the Fourth be ✨

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mixer crush monday 😍

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You know what today is! #GlencairnForty40 💫

A limited release of 1953 vintage Glenfarclas was exclusively produced for the @whiskyexchange in 2013 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation 👑 The whisky was matured in a single oak cask in Glenfarclas’s cellars in Ballindalloch for almost 6 full decades before being bottled at its natural strength. This was an exclusive release of only 60 decanters and just one will set you back a cool £12,000 direct from the @WhiskyExchange’s website 😲

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You know you’ve just walked into the creative office when you find a Glencairn Trophy terrarium sitting in the window! 🪴

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Diageo has released their Brora Triptych rare whisky collection in handcrafted Glencairn Crystal decanters, hand engraved and infilled by us, featuring the beautiful Brora emblem of the Scottish Wild Cat 🤩

The Brora Triptych collection will be available globally for purchase from mid-May via the distillery, and specialty retailers, or you can head over to @diageorareandexceptional to find out more.

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Got 5 minutes to read a lovely article from @whisky_magazine telling our story? Looking back on the birth of an icon, our Director Scott discusses how the iconic Glencairn Glass became the world's favourite whisky glass 🧡... You can read the article via the link in our bio 😌

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Hey you 😏

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Last Friday marked the 275th anniversary of the Battle of Culloden, one of the most harrowing battles in British history that changed Scotland forever.

Commemorate the battle with a drink from our Jacobite Dram Glass, inspired by the glass that Bonnie Prince Charlie used to toast Scotland. Slàinte Mhath 💙

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