Whisky Christmas Gifts

Find the perfect whisky Christmas gift for the whisky lover in your life. Whether you’re looking for a personalised whisky glass, a stunning crystal decanter, or a full whisky glass gift set, we have the present to suit. Do they love nothing more than to unwind with a few drams of that sweet and spicy golden-brown liquor after a hard day at work? Then we have the perfect whisky Christmas gifts for them!

Looking to personalise your gift this Christmas? Take a look at our personalised gifting options here.

Christmas Gifts for All Whisky Lovers

Whisky gifts for Christmas always go down a treat with someone who is an aficionado of the drink, and just like us they know that the alcohol is only half the story. It’s how the drink is presented; in what kind of glass; if it needs to be decanted; and if it can be nosed properly in the right kind of crystalware.

That’s why we have put together an excellent selection of top-quality whisky Christmas gifts, including finely cut decanters, beautifully presented gift sets, and much more. Glencairn Crystal is a market-leading specialist in creating only the finest glassware for whisky, beer, and wine so you can always get the most out of your favourite beverage.

For decades we have been crafting a wide variety of glassware which can be used on a daily basis, or brought out only for extra special occasions. Our years in the business have allowed us to gain a deeper understanding about what whisky lovers want out of their drinking experience, and it largely comes down to having the perfect accessories.

Crystal And Glass Decanters – The Perfect Whisky Gift

When you choose to gift someone a whisky decanter for Christmas, you can be sure it will bring not only the initial joy that we love to see expressed on our loved one’s faces, but also the years that follow when they decant a new bottle of their favourite whisky and think of you.

Featuring a wide range of elegant and traditional designs, all of our whisky decanters are made from the finest quality crystal, with intricate cut designs that add an extra element of aesthetic appeal. Our decanters are such fine pieces of craftsmanship that they can be placed on display around the home.

Look no further for a perfect whisky christmas gift to put under the tree this year.

Whisky Gift Sets – A Gift To Remember

Here at Glencairn, we know that there’s nothing more special for a whisky lover than drinking from a fine crystal cut glass, and that’s why we have a variety of designs to choose from to suit every personality.

If you are buying whisky glasses as a gift for Christmas for your husband or father, then we have bold and masculine designs with thick bottoms to give the right weight and balance to the glass from the first sip to the last.

When buying for a friend, then you can choose from a selection of two, four, or six glasses so that they can share their love with you or others for years to come.

All of our whisky gifts for Christmas come in a beautifully presented box, lined in satin to give that extra level of decadence and charm, and the receiver of your gift will instinctively know that you have really given a lot of thought and love to your present.