Glencairn Pipette Bundle


Do you like to drink you liquid gold with a splash of water? Our handblown Glencairn Pipette fits snuggly inside the Glencairn Jug which allows you to add a controlled splash of water to the whisky in your Glencairn Glass – the perfect whisky trio!

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The Glencairn Pipette holds 1ml of water and has been designed to sit comfortably inside both the Glencairn Glass and Glencairn Jug. Weighted at the top end with a miniature Glencairn Glass, the pipette is also fashioned to be very comfortable in the hand. Allowing for a better regulation of the amount of water added, the pipette functions with a precisely engineered control aperture which is set within a wide bulb at the upper end.

Additional information

Weight 0.480 kg
Dimensions 135 × 70 × 135 mm

Cosmetic glass
Dishwasher safe
130 x 13mm

Glencairn Glass

Lead free crystal
Dishwasher safe
115 x 67mm

Handleless Water Jug

Cosmetic glass
Dishwasher safe
140 x 106 x 80mm

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