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Elevate your whisky, gin, or wine drinking experience with our exquisite crystal glasses. Don’t miss out on exclusive discounts and offers, available for a limited time in Glencairn’s Black Friday sale. Explore our range of luxurious crystal whisky glasses, meticulously crafted for discerning connoisseurs. 

For Black Friday, we’re offering 30% discounts on all selected items for a limited time only. Act fast to enjoy savings on our most sought-after crystal glassware products.

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Luxury Crystal Glassware for all Drinkers

At Glencairn, we’re not just about whisky; we’ve got your holiday glassware covered! Explore our collection of crystal glassware, perfect for your Christmas celebrations.

For wine lovers, we offer elegant wine glasses that enhance the flavours and aromas of your favourite vintages.

Gin enthusiasts, get ready for some festive fun! Our crystal gin glasses are designed to bring out the botanicals and unique nuances of your beloved gins.

And don’t forget, we also offer accessories for Glencairn glasses, Glencairn merchandise, and even beer glassware. We’ve got everything you need to make your Christmas celebrations shine!

Why Choose Glencairn Crystal?

Glencairn Crystal has been synonymous with craftsmanship and quality for generations. Our world famous Glencairn whisky glass is specifically designed to enhance the whisky-drinking experience, making it a perfect addition to your collection or a thoughtful gift for any whisky lover.

Explore our wide range of premium Glencairn Crystal whisky and gin glasses to enhance the magical Christmas spirit in every sip. Perfect options for whisky and gin stocking fillers, these crystal glasses add an extra touch of holiday cheer. Choose to have them engraved with heartfelt Christmas messages, festive designs, or even a playful yuletide jest, making them the perfect gift for this joyous season

Glencairn Crystal

Couriers are expecting increased volumes over the Christmas period, please allow extra time to ensure your order will arrive in time for Christmas.

With this in mind, we have set the following dates:

International Personalised Orders – 4th December
UK Personalisation Orders – 11th December
International Blank Orders – 11th December
UK Blank Orders – 17th December

Black Friday FAQs

Are there any special Black Friday deals on whisky glasses at Glencairn Crystal?

Yes, absolutely! Glencairn Crystal is offering exclusive Black Friday discounts of up to 30% on a wide range of whisky, wine, & gin glasses. Don’t miss out on these limited-time offers.

Can I find discounted whisky glass sets during the Black Friday sale?

Yes, you can discover great deals on whisky glass sets during our Black Friday event. Save on single glasses or complete sets to enhance your whisky experience.

What makes Glencairn's Black Friday whisky glass offerings unique?

Our Black Friday whisky glasses are no ordinary glassware. They are crafted with precision and designed to bring out the full potential of your whisky, adding an element of elegance to your drinking experience.

Is there a Black Friday discount on crystal glassware other than whisky glasses?

Yes, Glencairn Crystal is offering discounts on a variety of crystal glassware, including wine glasses, gin glasses, and more. Explore our Black Friday deals to discover the perfect glass for your favourite beverages.