Premium and luxury spirits brand owners are currently facing a packaging challenge within the industry: the sourcing and availability of premium glass.

In response to the current situation, we are reaching out to the drinks industry to offer support. Due to our strong and consistent supply chain, we have large quantities of premium glass bottles available and are working hard to meet the ever-increasing needs of clients – both existing and new – who are searching for a solution to the growing problem.

This issue is proving particularly challenging for the premium malt whiskies category aged 18 years and over, as well as other spirits of significant age and value. Often priced around £100 and over, this sector requires vessels that are more exclusive than a standard mass-produced bottle, however still kept at an affordable price point offering decent economies of scale.


Why has this situation emerged?

With the trend in luxury spirits still very much on the rise – whisky and spirits companies continue to ‘premiumise’ many of their expressions in order to meet this demand and are keen to, not only create the finest liquid, but also beautiful, stand-out packaging to add value to and increase the desirability of their new product launches.

However, the global rebound in demand as Covid subsides in many areas, coupled with increased energy costs and world-wide transportation issues has pushed up price and extended lead times of premium glass bottles, leading to delays of up to 12 months, with new projects taking up to 18 months to bring to production.

With a need for solutions that address environmental concerns, the lack of suitable glass and on-going supply chain issues all frustrating the industry. It is this element that we are offering unrivalled support in terms of outstanding service that includes design, creation and supply of premium glass bottles and with such a superior supply chain, we can meet demand at short notice.


Filling the gap in the market

Scott Davidson, New Product Development Director at Glencairn said: “We’ve been evolving our offerings for over 40 years to provide an unparalleled range of premium cosmetic glass bottles and lead-free crystal bottles and decanters. We have worked hard to take the learning from some of the most expensive decanters in the world and supply this on more affordable, and importantly, more readily available, premium glass bottles.”

“Our talented team of craftspeople can decorate cosmetic glass and bottles to the highest standards with bespoke designs developed by our inhouse design team. Our decoration facilities are at the cutting edge of the market, with industry leading production processes in engraving, decoration and precious metal and materials application.”

Our premium cosmetic glass bottles come in all shapes and sizes and are fully recyclable (with minimum order quantities far less than many other suppliers).

We also supplies semi-automatically produced, hand finished crystal decanters, as opposed to hand blown, meaning that luxury spirits can be housed in high quality crystal glassware but without the huge leap in cost for crystal decanters made by hand, which are for only the rarest releases.

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