Christmas Gift Guide

Glassware gifts full of Christmas spirit from Glencairn Crystal

Glencairn Crystal is ready to make your Christmas celebrations shine brighter, with our exquisite selection of luxury crystal glassware. Whether you’re a whisky connoisseur or a wine enthusiast, we have the perfect crystal glass to suit your tastes. 

Glencairn Glass Gifts

Searching for the perfect Christmas whisky gifts for the whisky lover in your life? Look no further than The Glencairn Glass. This iconic whisky glass is renowned as the world’s best-selling whisky glass, with an impressive 5 million glasses making their way into whisky enthusiasts’ homes every year.

Why not consider The Glencairn Glass as a thoughtful gift idea for whisky lovers this Christmas?

Christmas Beer Glasses

Elevate your Christmas beer-drinking experience with our Crystal Beer Glasses. Meticulously crafted, these glasses enhance the allure of your holiday beer.

They can be personalised with limited-edition Christmas designs, heartfelt messages, or holiday sayings, making them the perfect gift for beer lovers. Sip in style and raise a toast to the festive season with these glasses that truly capture the spirit of Christmas

Whisky Gift sets & Bundles

Elevate your Christmas whisky experience with the Glencairn Tasting Gift Set, featuring four Glencairn Glasses with caps and a pipette, all for £55. This set includes four premium glasses with caps to preserve aromas and a precision pipette for adding water.

Looking for a stocking filler? Consider a classic Glencairn Glass (uncut) at £7 or a hand-blown, hand-cut version priced at £28.

For a personal touch, make use of our 3D visualizer to create your own Glencairn Glass with limited Christmas designs or a heartfelt message for your loved ones, available for only £10. This thoughtful addition makes your gift even more special.

Explore our various Glencairn gift bundles as well, designed to offer more products for a more affordable price, thoughtfully selected by our team to create the perfect Glencairn gift for the whisky lover in your life.


Decanter Gift sets

Elevate your Christmas gifting with our exquisite decanters, which can be personalised, making them iconic and memorable gifts. These timeless, elegant works of art are perfect for whisky lovers and those who appreciate fine spirits. Enhance the presentation and enjoyment of your favourite Christmas spirits.

Choose from traditional and contemporary designs to suit every whisky connoisseur. Don’t miss our best-selling Pot Still Decanter, an uncut, hand-polished crystal masterpiece, engravable for a personal touch. It comes in a luxurious navy gift box, making it the perfect Christmas present at £87.50.



For the Gin Lover

The Glencairn Gin Goblet, the ultimate gin gift idea, is a must-have for gin enthusiasts. Crafted from the finest crystal, it’s designed for your favourite gin serves. With a unique lip for easy drinking and a top curve that focuses on and enhances the aroma, it’s priced at just £10.

Personalise it with a message of your choice or select from our range of pre-made Christmas designs, with room for your heartfelt messages.

For versatile spirit enjoyment, don’t miss the stemless Glencairn Mixer Glass, suitable for any spirit with room to add ice and garnish. An ideal gin stocking filler, it’s priced at £8. Explore our gin Christmas gift sets ideal for the gin lover in your life.


Christmas Coloured Glass Range

Looking for unique Christmas whisky gifts or whisky stocking fillers? Our vibrant Coloured Glencairn Glasses are designed to elevate your whisky experience and add a touch of fun. Ideal for blind tastings.

Individually priced at just £8, these glasses offer quality on a budget. For a complete whisky aficionado experience, explore our full coloured gift sets, or the Christmas Colours Gift Set. Priced at just £55.


Gifts for Wine Drinkers

Shopping for a wine connoisseur? Our meticulously handcrafted Crystal Wine Glasses are designed to enhance the wine-tasting experience. Whether it’s a single glass or a wine glass gift set, we’ve got the perfect option. With their exquisite design and impeccable clarity, our wine glasses elevate the allure of your favourite vintage.

And for that extra special touch this Christmas, remember that personalisation is an option. Choose from limited-edition Christmas designs, heartfelt messages, or festive holiday sayings to create a truly unique gift. Surprise the wine lover in your life with a gift set featuring our best-crafted wine glasses.