Make Christmas sparkle with glassware gifts from Glencairn Crystal

We can help bring some sparkle to your festive celebrations this year with our stunning range of crystal glassware. There’s something to suit all tastes and budgets, and most glassware items can also be personalised with bespoke engraving to create a truly unique gift.


The Glencairn Gin Goblet

The ultimate gift for gin loving friends and family, the Glencairn Gin Goblet is the definitive crystal glassware for your favourite gin serve, whether it be over ice with tonic and the garnish of your choice, or a festive gin cocktail.

When they created this next generation gin glass, the Glencairn design team carefully incorporated a number of key features with the aim of enhancing your entire gin drinking experience. It features a unique lip for easy drinking, is shaped to a curve at the top to help focus and enhance the aroma, has an elegant stem to keep your hand away from warming the gin and is designed to require less ice, meaning that your gin doesn’t become too diluted.

The Glencairn Gin Goblet is made from the finest crystal and created to be the perfect weight in your hand, priced £10. 

The Glencairn Pipette

The Glencairn Pipette was launched this year for whisky-lovers who like to add a splash of water to their dram to ‘open up’ the aromas and flavours of their whisky.

This handblown glass pipette is designed to be the ideal length for the Glencairn Glass and holds 1ml of water. Weighted at the top with a beautiful miniature Glencairn Glass, it is fashioned to be comfortable in the hand, whilst allowing better regulation of the amount of water added to prevent the risk of drowning your favourite dram with too much.

Priced at only £6, the Glencairn Pipette is the perfect stocking filler and is also available to buy in a set with a Glencairn Glass (£11) or in a set with both a Glencairn Glass and Glencairn Jug (£22).

The Glencairn Glass Range

The Glencairn Glass is now the world’s best-selling whisky glass, with over 4 million glasses being sold around the world each year.

Its unique and stylish shape has been crafted to enhance the enjoyment of all whiskies and to get the most out of your dram. Its tapering mouth captures those all-important aromas, and the wide bowl allows the fullest appreciation of the whisky colour with the thistle style base designed to be comfortable in your hand.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Glencairn Glass last year, a range of coloured glasses were created in black, blue, red, green, and shimmering gold alongside the original clear glass. Available both individually (£8 each) or as a full tasting set of six glasses (£60), this vibrant range is a fun addition to any drinks cabinet and designed to be used in blind tastings by disguising the colour of your dram – the perfect way to develop your senses and to learn all about the wonderful world of whisky. Shop the Blind Tasting Set here.

And finally, for last minute fun whisky themed stocking filler ideas try the enamel Glencairn Glass cufflinks in a gift box (£20), a whisky filled Glencairn Glass lapel pin badge or key ring (£2.40 and £3.50).

Don’t forget to place your order in plenty of time for Christmas…

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