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If you’re just getting started and looking for some wedding favour ideas, then take a look through our alternative wedding gift ideas to get inspiration for your special day! 

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Wedding Season Staff Favourites

Wedding Favour Ideas

Looking for a unique and memorable wedding favour? Look no further than personalised Glencairn glasses. These exquisite whisky glasses, renowned for their elegant design and perfect blend of form and function, can now be customised to add a touch of personalisation to your special day.

Engrave the couple’s names, wedding date, or even a heartfelt message onto each glass, creating a lasting keepsake for your guests. But that’s not all! You can also personalise champagne flutes, whisky or wine decanters, or even gin goblets.

Whether you’re planning an intimate celebration or a grand affair, we cater to all your needs. Contact us for bulk orders and let us help you create truly remarkable and cherished wedding favours that will be treasured for years to come.

Wedding Gift Ideas

Searching for exquisite wedding gift ideas that will leave a lasting impression? Look no further than Glencairn crystal.

Elevate the couple’s passion for fine spirits with a set of personalised Glencairn whisky glasses, tastefully engraved with their names and wedding date. Impress the newlyweds with a luxurious Glencairn crystal decanter, perfect for displaying and serving their favourite whisky or wine.

For an elegant touch, consider gifting a pair of engraved champagne flutes, symbolising celebration and eternal toasts. These meticulously crafted pieces of Glencairn crystal not only exude refinement but also encapsulate the sentiment of a cherished wedding day. Choose Glencairn crystal gifts, and let your present serve as a timeless reminder of love, joy, and matrimonial bliss.

Bridal Party Gifts

Express your gratitude to your bridal party by offering them thoughtful and personalised gifts that celebrate their unique roles. Consider exquisite options like personalised Glencairn whisky glasses, engraved with their names or titles in the wedding.

For the bridesmaids, elegant champagne flutes or wine glasses with custom engravings make delightful choices. The groomsmen may appreciate sophisticated whisky tumblers, beer glasses or hip flasks, personalised to commemorate the occasion.

These personalised glassware treasures will serve as lasting mementos, reminding your bridal party of their significant contributions on your special day.