Fathers Day Whisky Gifts from Glencairn

Looking for fathers day whisky gifts? Spoil him the way he deserves with a loving gift from Glencairn Crystal.

Finding the right gift for Father’s Day is important when you want to show your dad exactly how much you care and appreciate him.  If your dad happens to be a whisky lover – then you’re in the right place. Here at Glencairn, we have a full range of whisky goodies that your dad is sure to love – including personalised glasses, gift sets, whisky decanters, and more.


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Father’s Day Whisky Glass Bundles

We’re excited to announce the availability of Father’s Day bundles at Glencairn. Choose from four options tailored to make life easier. Each bundle features a curated selection of different products, carefully chosen with fathers in mind. These bundles offer a convenient and thoughtful way to celebrate Dad and ensure he receives a fantastic whisky gift this Father’s Day.

Father’s Day Whisky Gift Sets


When it comes to Father’s Day whisky gifts, consider a gift set for your dad. It provides everything he needs to enjoy your thoughtful present.

Whisky Glass and Decanter Set: Includes a stylish whisky decanter and glasses, perfect for entertaining and serving whisky.

Whisky Tasting Kit: Contains 4 Glencairn Glasses, Water Jug and  Pipette.

Whisky Travel Kit: Gone are the days of the DIY Tupperware and foam travel box… You can now look after your Glencairn Glasses whilst on the go with our Glencairn Glass Travel Case! 

Beautifully Elegant Presentation

If you’re unsure about which whisky to get for your Dad or prefer a lasting gift, consider a whisky glass. There are various types available that make great Father’s Day presents. Each glass is designed to enhance the drinking experience and highlight the unique characteristics of different whiskies.

Glencairn Glass: A favourite among whisky enthusiasts, its unique shape concentrates the aroma and flavour. The tapered mouth allows for sipping and savoring.

Copita Glass: A Spanish-style glass with a tulip shape that captures and intensifies the whisky’s aroma.

Glencairn Mixer Glass: A versatile crystal glass suitable for various spirits, providing space to add ice and garnish for extra enhancement.

Whisky Tumbler: A simple yet elegant glass, perfect for enjoying whisky neat or on the rocks. Its thick base and sturdy bowl make it ideal for everyday use.

Decanter: A great choice for entertaining, serving whisky in a stylish manner. It can be used with any type of whisky glass your father already has.


Personalised Whisky Gifts for Dad

Engraved whisky glasses serve as a lasting memento, distinguishing themselves from ephemeral gifts like cards. Not only does offer a fine whisky experience, but also becomes a timeless piece to remember the occasion by.

Want to make that whisky glass for dad a little more special? We can engrave a special date, message or design on a wide range of our fathers day glassware and gifts. With our new 3D Visualiser you can also see how your engraving will look on the glass before you buy it for dad. Simply hit “Add Engraving” when viewing your chosen gift.

The Perfect Gift for Whisky-Loving Dads

Are you looking for the perfect gift to celebrate Father’s Day? Look no further than Glencairn Crystal’s Father’s Day Whisky Glasses. Crafted with precision and designed specifically for whisky enthusiasts, our glasses offer an unparalleled drinking experience. Whether your dad is a seasoned connoisseur or just beginning to explore the world of whisky, our glasses will make an excellent addition to his collection. Show your dad how much you appreciate him with the gift of exceptional whisky glassware from Glencairn Crystal.

Elevate Dad’s Whisky Experience

At Glencairn Crystal, we believe that every whisky-drinking experience should be extraordinary. That’s why our Father’s Day Whisky Glasses are meticulously designed to enhance the aromas and flavors of fine whiskies. The unique shape of our glasses allows for optimal nosing and tasting, capturing the rich nuances of each sip. Crafted with the highest quality crystal, our glasses not only elevate the visual appeal but also provide a comfortable grip for a memorable whisky-drinking experience. Give your dad the gift of elevated enjoyment with Glencairn Crystal’s Father’s Day Whisky Glasses.

Unforgettable Whisky Moments with Dad

Father’s Day is a time to create lasting memories with your dad. What better way to do so than over a shared love for whisky? With Glencairn Crystal’s Father’s Day Whisky Glasses, you can savor the moments and bond with your dad in style. Crafted by skilled artisans, our glasses embody elegance and sophistication. As you pour and enjoy your favorite whiskies together, let the conversation flow and create unforgettable memories that will be cherished for years to come. Celebrate Father’s Day with the gift of meaningful experiences and Glencairn Crystal’s exceptional whisky glasses.

Raise a Glass to Father’s Day

This Father’s Day, raise a glass to honor and appreciate your dad’s love and guidance. Glencairn Crystal’s Father’s Day Whisky Glasses are the embodiment of craftsmanship and refinement. With their classic design and exquisite detailing, these glasses are a tribute to your dad’s timeless style and taste. Each sip taken from our glasses will be a toast to the cherished moments you’ve shared and the years of wisdom he has imparted. Raise a glass to your dad’s unwavering presence and make this Father’s Day truly special with Glencairn Crystal’s whisky glasses.

Whisky Glass Gift Sets for Father’s Day

Make this Father’s Day extraordinary with our exclusive Whisky Glass Gift Sets. Glencairn Crystal offers thoughtfully curated sets that include our signature Father’s Day Whisky Glasses along with other whisky-related accessories. From elegant decanters to whiskey stones and tasting journals, these gift sets are designed to enhance your dad’s whisky-drinking experience. Whether your dad enjoys single malts, bourbon, or blends, our gift sets provide everything he needs for an exceptional whisky journey. Surprise your dad with a luxurious gift set from Glencairn Crystal and make this Father’s Day truly unforgettable.